Describing your photos on our Photo Gallery Facebook App

We had a few questions on how to describe your photos on our Facebook Photo Gallery App once you have created it. So if you would like to add text to any of your photos in your sliding photo gallery that you just created you can follow these steps:

In the photo gallery app select the “My Photo Galleries” blue link at the top menu item

  1. Select the photo gallery you want to edit and click “Edit Photo Gallery”
  2. On the “View Photo Gallery” screen you will see a new menu appear, select the “Edit Photos” option
  3. Here you can describe or comment on any of your photos by adding a title or description to any photo

In terms of adding comments on the actual photo gallery we don’t have this feature yet. However we intend to add Facebook comments under each photo gallery in future.

Facebook Photo Grid App

With our Photo Grid App you can make cool 4×4 photo grids of your best Facebook photos on any topic. Whether its your travel photos, fun times with friends and family, your favorite hobbie or interst you can choose any photos from your Facebook albums to create a stunning photo grid in just 3 quick steps. You can also browse other awesome photo grids created by the photo grid community.

Photo Grid home page

Examples of Photo Grids


Orkut Photo Collage App FAQ and Guide

Our Photo Collage is now available on Orkut and allows you to make cool photo collages using any photos from your Orkut albums and easily share them with your friends.

New Users – Have not installed app

If you are a new user to Photo Collage and you have not added the application yet you can preview the app and have a play first. In the preview mode you will see the exact same home page as all existing users of Photo Collage. You can click on the sample home page Photo Collage. You can also browse all the public photo collages created by the community. However you cannot create a new Photo Collage of your own as we need to create an account for you first. Thus if you click the new photo collage links or buttons you will be directed to the app install page where you can easily add the app. Note you’ll need to allow Photo Collage to access your Orkut in order to create your photo collage.

Existing Users – Have installed app

For those who have installed our app thank you very much and we hope you enjoy using it. Here are a few tips and FAQs that will help you using the app.

How to create your first photo collage

Creating a photo collage is very simple. There’s two ways you can start the first is the big “CREATE A NEW PHOTO COLLAGE” on the home page or if you’re on the My Photo Collages page there is link there too. There are four quick steps to creating a photo collage:

1. Add Photos – Select any photo from your Orkut albums by clicking on an album and then clicking on a photo. The selected photos will appear on the selected list down the bottom. You can add up to 16 photos from any of your Orkut albums. Once you have selected all your photos click “Next” to continue

2. Describe Photos – Here you can give each of your photos a title and/or description. We recommend filling these out to enrich your photos with some great text. However, if you can’t think of anything to write just click the “Next” button to continue

3. Arrange Photos – This is the fun part where you can express your creativity you can arrange the photos in any way you like. You can enlarge them or make them smaller, rotate (make sure you click and hold the frame of the photos to do this) and drag them any where around the screen (by clicking anywhere within the frames and hold and drag). Once you’re happy with the arrangement click next to continue

4. Add Details – This is the last step where you can give your photo collage a title and description an appropriate category and set up who can view the photo collage. Firstly we recommend filling out as much details as you can which will make your photo collage much more interesting to your friends. Secondly there are three privacy options

  • Public – which will make your photo collage available to all users of photo collage as well as on the open web
  • Only friends – which will allow your photo collage to be only viewed by your friends
  • Only You – which will mean only you can see it which may be useful for testing or draft mode

If you choose public or friends Photo Collage will prompt you to update your friends of your new photo collage and allow all your friends to view it.

Once you have finished creating your photo collage you will be redirected back to your “My Photo Collages” page where you can view all your created photo collages and create more.

How to edit your photo collage

To edit a photo collage from the photo collage home click on the ”My Photo Collages” link and select a photo collage you want to edit.

1. Edit Details – here you can update basic details about your photo collage such as the title, category and description

2. Edit Photos – here you can update individual photos within your photo collage and give them a title and description

3. Arrange Photos – here you can modify the layout of your photo collage by dragging the photos around and clicking and holding down the frames to resize and rotate your photos

4. Delete Photo Collage – here you can remove your photo collage. Make sure you take care with this option, we do provide a confirmation before you can delete your photo collage.

Browsing Photo Collages

The browse photo collage option is located at the top of the menu bar under “photo collages” here you can browse all the photo collages created by the photo collage community. Get inspiration and ideas on photo collages you can create. There are plenty of categories of photo collages from travel, food, fashion, technology, events and more. If you set your photo collage as public under the privacy settings it will appear here.

Invite Friends

Inviting your friends to use photo collage is more fun as you can see what cool photo collages they create as well. To invite a friend click the blue invite friends button at the top of every page. A dialog box will pop up where you can type in your friends names in the “To” box and write a personal message below that. Once you are ready click the “send” button to send the invite. 


Photo collage is an easy to use photo app that makes photo sharing more fun on Orkut you can choose any of your Orkut photos to create stunning photo collages in minutes. You can browse photo collages without installing the app and once you want to create one just add the application and click the big new photo collage button on the homepage to get started. Creating a photo collage is fun, easy and only takes 4 quick steps. For any issues or problems with Photo Collage click the “Contact Us’ link at the bottom of the app to send us an email.

Create Stunning Web Pages of Your Favorite Topics

Our new simplified vision on TopicShow is to help anyone create stunning web pages of your favorite topics. You don’t need any technical skills to create a web page on TopicShow all you need is to pick a topic you’re passionate about whether its travel, sports, food, fashion or anything in between add some photos and info and we’ll do the rest. We’ll automatically generate the page for you that includes your choice of a gorgeous photo showcase and buttons to easily share your page on Facebook and Twitter.

We want to become the world’s easiest way to create stunning web pages on any topic. We’ve redesigned the TopicShow home page to make this super clear and made it even easier to sign up and get started. Check out the new TopicShow and start creating your own stunning web pages.

TopicShow Photo Apps now on MySpace

With MySpace getting a massive make over and hosting high profile events such as the first  American Idol online auditions we thought it would be a perfect time to launch our TopicShow photo apps on MySpace. So far we’ve got 3 of our photo apps – photo gallery, photo carousel and photo collage available on MySpace with more to come. With the wider screen real estate our photos apps simply look stunning on MySpace! We’ve already seen some exciting music TopicShows created through MySpace. So if you’re a MySpace user add our apps and show us what you can make. In addition you can view all our existing TopicShows from the TopicShow community within the corresponding apps. To check us out on MySpace visit 

Make a slideshow photo gallery of your Facebook Photos

Photo Galleries are a great of showcasing photos so we’ve created a modern sliding photo gallery Facebook application. Add Photo Gallery and you can turn your Facebook photos into a stunning Photo Gallery that plays automatically. To stop and start the slideshow just click on the current image displayed. Once stopped you can navigate through the photos at your own pace. Create a photo gallery on any topic and share it with your friends. You can also browse a massive collection of stunning photo galleries created by our community. Check out Photo Gallery today to showcase your best Facebook photos.

Photo Gallery Example

Find out your most liked & most commented photo on Facebook

 Photo Stats Facebook ApplicationWant to know what you or your friends most liked photo is on Facebook? What about your photo with the most comments or who’s got the most Facebook photos? Well now you can answer all these burning questions about your Facebook photos by using our new Facebook application Photo Stats. Add Photo Stats and you’ll be able to find all sorts of fun photo stats about you and your friends. You might be surprised what you’ll find out about your friends! You can search for any of your friends and bring up stats about their photos or compare up to 5 friends on a range of fun photo stats. Check out Photo Stats powered by TopicShow.




How to create a cool photo collage on Facebook

Photo Collage is an application on Facebook that lets you create stunning photo collages using your own Facebook photos. Using the latest in web graphics and technology creating a photo collage is super simple and takes only minutes. To show you how easy it is here is a step by step walkthrough guide filled with screenshots:

1. On the app home page click the “Create New Photo Collage” orange button. If you are in the My Photo Collages screen you can also click the blue link under your name.

Create New Photo Collage

2. On the Add Photos screen select any of your Facebook photo albums to select the photos you want to add to your photo collage.

Add Photos

3. Click on a photo and it will be highlighted with an orange border and it will be added to the selected photos list below.

Select Photos

4. You can add up to 16 photos from any of your Facebook albums. Once you have added all your photos click the “Next” button to continue.

5. On the describe photos screen you can give any of your photos a title or description. This will give more information about your photos to your viewers and create a cool animation effect when you click on the photo. If you don’t have anything to enter just click the “Next” button to continue.

Describe Photos

6. This is the fun part you can move the photos around by clicking and holding down the mouse and resize and rotate any of the photos by dragging the white border of the photo. Use your creativity. Once you’re happy with the layout click the “Next” button to continue.

Arrange Photos

7. Last page – Add some details, a title and category are mandatory as well as privacy settings once you’ve completed all the details click the “Finish” button and you’re done!

Add Details about your photo collage

Once you’re done you can view your completed photo collage and share them with your friends. When you click on each photo you’re see the photo zoom out with a gorgeous animation effect. Photo Collage is a great way to show off your Facebook photos. Have fun and get creating!

Showcase your photos on a 3D Photo Carousel

We have now added a new photo show  template – photo carousel. Now you can showcase your photos in 3D with a stunning photo carousel effect. This is great for presenting food recipes, fashion catalog, business products and much more. In fact we want you to surprise us, we’re looking forward to seeing your own photo carousels of your favorite topics. To create a photo carousel is super easy, just add your photos and some details and you’re done. No fancy Photoshop or graphic design skills needed at all.

Also if you’re on Facebook you can create photo carousels straight from your Facebook photos. Just add our hot new photo carousel application to get going. You can share your carousel creations directly with your Facebook friends  and see what they have created too.

To check out  all the latest Photo Carousels visit and to start creating your own just login

3d Photo Carousel

Updated Social Media Revolution Video

A few months ago we posted the Social Media Revolution video by Socialnomics which illustrates the phenominal growth of social media by numbers. The original video was posted almost a year ago and as we know a year can be feel like a lifetime in social media and the internet so Socialnomics have aptly recently updated their video with a 2nd version – Enjoy:

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